If you would like to contact Alsindi Law Firm or would like more information about our services, please contact us at and we shall provide further information as required and can advise you on the most suitable lawyer for your needs.

Before accepting any engagement, we are always fully available to discuss at no charge basis any possible aspect of the clients’ needs. For this purpose, we welcome pre-engagement meetings subject to AlSindi Law Firm policy (also via telephone or video conversations) to show our experience and skills and to confirm our ability to assist the clients.


Consultation includes the drafting and reviewing of agreements and contracts, and providing legal advice in all legal areas.

Our charges for consultation are usually calculated on time-spent-basis at applicable hourly rates that vary according to the seniority of the lawyer handling the matter.

The Firm usually provides the client with a detailed breakdown of the hours on a regular basis.

This includes the formation of any type of company in addition to the conversion of companies.

The fees are usually calculated by lump sum amount depending of the type of company. Part of the fees is usually required upfront in addition to the estimated official fees. The remaining of the fees shall be paid upon completion of work.

Client signs an annual retainer contract with the Firm by which the Firm provides consultation to the client.

The main benefits of this option are:

  • Client will have priority in completion of work
  • A single point of contact will be specified from the Firm and client sides
  • Flexibility in completing the work 
  • Client will be granted preferred rates for lump sum related services 
  • A number of hours will be specified for a blended rate
Our fees for litigation are usually on lump sum basis with an agreed percentage for collection. Payment of our fees usually happens in phases with an upfront payment.

The cost for basic document translation is SAR100 for 250 words except for legal translation where the fees are calculated on time-spent-basis.