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We aim to provide diligence, competence, and excellence.

About us 

Wisam AlSindi Law Firm is a Saudi firm dedicated to providing support to both local and international clients. The Firm is committed to keeping the clients’ best interest and helping them achieve their goals by providing competent and diligent legal service.

We represent numerous international businesses in Saudi Arabia, providing them with legal advice from the point of establishment and throughout a wide range of operations and transactions.

Our team consists of highly educated and qualified lawyers and legal consultants who have strong expertise in their practice areas. They have been involved in high profile transactions in Saudi Arabia and presented several commercial lawsuits.


The Firm is licensed by the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Justice, and hence provides legal services in line with the requirements of the Saudi laws. We also work with some of the leading international law firms.  

We are committed to providing our clients with excellent and prompt legal assistance to secure commercially driven legal services and effective solutions that meet their needs and expectations.

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